About the S-Fry:

Do you want your new fryer to be built-in? Or would you prefer a standalone unit so you can adjust your commercial kitchen as needed? You can purchase this powerful fryer as a freestanding or built-in model for an existing kitchen.

This makes installation easy at all times. Click here for all technical specifications, dimensions, and more.

Energy Savings

Powerful Heating Elements for Fast Heating
With our powerful heating elements, the oil quickly reaches the right temperature. The smart control of the elements, combined with the well-designed frying basket, ensures optimal heating.

Standby Mode for Smart Savings
Your restaurant might be quiet sometimes, but you still want to serve your customers quickly when they arrive. At the same time, you don't want to waste energy. With the Standby mode, the fryer switches to a lower temperature. This way, you avoid wasting energy by unnecessarily maintaining the oil temperature. If it gets busy again, the boost function quickly brings the oil back to the desired temperature. This saves you a lot on energy costs!

The Best Insulation
Thanks to the high-quality 1.5 cm thick insulation, the oil remains at the right temperature for a long time. This means the heating elements require minimal energy to maintain the oil temperature.

No Cold Zone
Thanks to the unique filtering system, a cold zone is not necessary. This means the heating elements also require less energy and time to bring the oil to the right temperature, saving time and energy.

Frying at 160 Degrees
If the oil temperature is too high, food and crumbs left in the oil will burn faster. This leads to harmful substances and faster oil degradation. Frying at a lower temperature is not only healthier but also more energy-efficient. With S-Fry, this is possible without compromising product quality and taste.

Oil Savings

Breakthrough in Technology
Our fryers feature a unique patented filtering system that significantly reduces oil consumption. The frying basket contains an overflow gap. Oil that overflows this gap is filtered and eventually ends up in the circulation tank.

During the frying process, the oil is pumped back into the fryer, causing the oil level to rise so it overflows the gap. This creates a filtering cycle that moves most of the crumbs and other residue directly over the gap to our filter.

At the end of the day, you can filter the entire content of the fryer by letting it flow completely into the circulation tank. Then, you can easily remove all remnants, such as crumbs left in the oil bin. The next morning, the filtered oil is pumped back into the clean fryer.

This keeps the Total Polar Materials (TPM) value much lower, allowing you to use the oil for a longer time. And importantly, this results in almost acrylamide free frying.

Faster and Better

Patented Smart Baskets for Fries, Schnitzels, and Snacks ensure better heat transfer than regular fryer baskets. This means your dishes cook faster, despite the lower frying temperature.

The fryer's software, combined with the baskets, is designed so that you can easily and quickly fry large quantities of products simultaneously. This means your customers never have to wait long for their food!

Healthier Eating

Less Acrylamide, Better for Your Customers
Starting from April 2018, a European regulation has been in effect, requiring food producers, supermarkets, fast-food chains, and restaurants to reduce the amount of acrylamide in their products as much as possible. The national authorities monitor compliance with this law and take samples from companies to monitor acrylamide levels through laboratory testing.

Thanks to constant filtering and frying at 160 degrees Celsius, the S-Fry fryer minimizes the formation of acrylamide particles. This means that food from the S-Fry is not only healthier but also tastier! Clean oil not only affects health but also enhances the taste of your products.

Easy Maintenance

Quality and Simplicity, a Winning Combination
At S-Fry, we only work with high-quality components. This makes our fryers more sustainable and reduces maintenance costs. Many of our components are also plug and play, so you can easily resolve malfunctions and defects yourself. Due to these factors, you not only save on technician costs but also avoid the precious time lost waiting for a technician. You will enjoy your purchase for a long time!


Convenience for Everyone
Our smart control system makes using the S-Fry easier than ever before! The system has a startup mode that precisely outlines the steps to start and end the day. The menu is clearly divided into images with preset timers and temperatures. Frying is as simple as pressing a button!

Endless Possibilities.
Your complete product range is accessible from the control panel. For each product, you can enter an automatically adjustable temperature and timer. This way, you can focus on other aspects of your kitchen.

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