About us

The Speed Fryer, as we call our fryer, originated in Austria. There, Harry and Eveline Oosten used all their knowledge and passion to develop the most energy- and oil-efficient fryer. The fryer was immediately put to the test at XXXLutz under various extreme conditions, proving its worth. This allowed Harry and Evelyne to improve and further develop the fryer in various aspects. Today, S-Fry is a reliable device that clearly demonstrates its value in terms of savings.

Teaming Up with PromTeg for further improvement

Om de S-Fry nog verder door te ontwikkelen en breed op de markt te zetten, zijn Harry en Evelyne de samenwerking aangegaan met the PromTeg Group   

The PromTeg Group operates in various technical fields. The organization consists of independent companies, each with its own expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines. Together, these companies form a robust group capable of quickly and personally assisting customers with multidisciplinary solutions. The organization focuses not only on current challenges but also on future ones. PromTeg Industries was asked to contribute to the further development of S-Fry, leading to the formation of S-Fry Europe B.V.
With an enthusiastic team of young engineers, we work on advancing the product, aiming to make S-Fry even smarter and more user-friendly. Based in our office in Duiven, we assist customers both nationally and internationally with our fryer, supporting their commercial kitchen's (energy) transition.

Our Team

Thijs Lambermont
Technical Director
Peter Postma
Michael Tempels
Sales Manager
Gideon Kock
Head of Engineering
Hans Putman
Software Engineer
Lucia Mulder
Office Manager

Any questions? Call us at +31(0)88 - 657 1444