S-Fry Austria

Harry Oosten the inventor of the S-Fry says

"The development of an efficient frying system originated from a challenge from XXXLutz, where we wanted to sell a deep fryer.

The response was very skeptical because the capacity was far from meeting XXXLutz's requirements. They came up with the utopia: develop a system that can fry 3-4 times as many schnitzels as the current 15kW fryer. Since we were new to the world of frying, we wondered why schnitzels are fried flat and not upright? Why not use natural convection? (Fourier's law) We tried this with a household fryer, and it turned out that the schnitzel was too dry and contained hardly any oil. However, by tilting it slightly, we were able to make the schnitzel less dry. After 15 months, we had developed a speed fryer that could fry 16 schnitzels in a single frying cycle in 3-4 minutes instead of 4-5 schnitzels in 7 minutes. Thanks to the efficiency of natural convection, we were able to achieve this result at a temperature of only 160°C.

For S-Fry GMBH, the need arose to develop a fryer that aligned with frying using natural convection, with the principles of saving oil and energy (not urgent in 2018), but the focus was on frying with reduced acrylamide (cancer-causing). (Acrylamide EU regulation 2018 and tightened in 2023 EU2017/2158 EU2019/1888).

In other fryers, burnt residues are accumulated at the bottom of the fryer (cold zone) during the frying day or in practice over several days. These frying residues mix with the oil until the oil is changed, resulting in a significant increase in acrylamide in the fried products.

We have developed a system that transports frying residues directly, via an overflow, to a filter system in the lower compartment and returns it to the fryer after filtering. Additionally, after each frying cycle, the oil level is automatically brought back to the level of the overflow.

XXXlutz gave the first order for a trial placement in one of their more than 300 branches. After 6 months of trial frying and many improvements, the first order for 20 units came, followed by another 6 orders for 20 units, with the mission to implement improvements after each session. As of 2022-23, our perfected fryer is being used in all branches with a restaurant. These fryers are also used at Interspar, Múmax, and Loberger.

The reason is clear: the predetermined criterion has been met—minimum 50% oil savings, 50% energy savings, and significantly reduced acrylamide. Starting with a clean fryer every morning that complies with EU regulations. This proves that the fryer pays for itself within 1 year due to savings and efficiency.

A patent has been granted for the entire system.
We don't stop developing and are now working on a system that cleans the bottom of the fryer from leftover residues throughout the day. After a day of frying, cleaning will be minimal.

All improvements can be applied to existing fryers."

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